How To Print T-Shirt At Home With Few Easy Steps

Reading time: 5 min

Let’s make a personalised t-shirt at home with a few easy steps. However, If don’t do it and want a high-quality custom t-shirt in London then you can take a look at our T-shirt printing services. Here you can design and order the t-shirt. Let’s start making.

Materials need for T-shirt printing

  • Heat transfer paper
  • Silicon paper
  • T-shirt
  • Iron

Step 1

  • Buy a good quality plain t-shirt (140+gsm is preferred).
  • Place the t-shirt on a plain surface.

Step 2

  • Draw your custom message in the photo editor. After completing, mirror the design.
  • Insert heat transfer paper inside your inkjet printer.
  • Print out your design.
  • Cut the unnecessary portion with the scissor. Cut slowly you don’t mistakenly cut the design.

Step 3

  • Place the designed heat transfer paper on the t-shirt body by facing towards it.
  • Place the silicon paper over the heat transfer paper.

Step 4

  • Iron over the silicon paper for 5 min at least.
  • Press well during ironing.
  • Remove the silicon paper and heat transfer paper slowly.
  • Here your custom t-shirt is ready!